Project Id.:

EX001 (Example Project)
Project statement: 

To develop a sustainable community based forest project together  with ethical investors to increase biodiversity, social integrated income opportunities and optimal returns by precious timber and charcoal production to become independent from external energy supply!

Required investment: 
10 000 000 USD
Project type: 
Plantation forestry
Carbon and ecosystem services
Investment period: 
10 Years
Capital item: 

To increase work efficiency we want to invest in capacity building and increase our own expertise in the following fields.

  • forest management
  • forest product marketing
  • expertise in charcoal production

To build up a stable timber supply for precious wood, fuel wood and biomass for the charcoal production we want to reforest additional 3.000 hectares of degraded forest and agricultural land nearby the village. For the processing of timber into biochar, we want to invest into a pyrolyse facility that provides energy and biochar and by the way sequesters carbon.

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Please note:
This example project contains fictitious information for demonstration purposes.

Publishing date: 
01. Jan. 2012