Project Id.:

Project statement: 

To develop an agroforestry project together with ethical and institutional investors to safeguard biodiversity, to generate social integrated income opportunities and optimal returns by timber, bamboo and agricultural production.

Required investment: 
50 000 000 USD
Project type: 
Plantation forestry
Investment period: 
17 Years
Capital item: 

To start the project we want to invest in land and infrastructure. We further want to invest in the reforestation of degraded forest and agricultural land and in establishment of a bamboo plantation of 1000 ha. To add value to the harvested wood we also want to invest in a lumberyard. The lumberyard will include a sawmill and a drying facility. Both sawmill and drying facility will be scaled on a basis for the first five years to avoid overinvestment.

The activities in the lumberyard will add value and will make sure we do not have to sell good logs to bottomprices.

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Publishing date: 
15. Jan. 2013