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Project statement: 

The company is seeking investment to expand its mixed species timber projects in Panama's Darien province. Investors will own shares of the company, which is based in Panama. Investors are ideally seeking long term investment diversification through high value tropical hardwoods and short term food commodities. Founded to do forestry more responsibly, the company works through land lease partnerships with smallholders and indigenous communities in Panama who are seeking to benefit from the profitable, yet inequitable, plantation forestry system. After completing several pilot projects with local communities, we are seeking sustainability-focused investors to help us expand operations.

Required investment: 
3 500 000 USD
Project type: 
Plantation forestry
Investment period: 
28 Years
Capital item: 

The company will commercialize timber from mixed species timber stands and staple food crops such as plantains and cacao. Shareholders invest in future revenue streams from these activities. The company also maintains long term land leases and equipment.

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Publishing date: 
25. Mar. 2013