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Project statement: 

For the establishment of fast growing forest plantations for the production of sawn wood with native tree species we aim to work with medium to large scale international investors, willing to invest in the long term (12 years). Our company has a track record of 13 years of successfully managed forest investments in the Peruvian Amazon. We are highly motivated to use our experience to scale up forestry operations in collaboration with international investors.

In order to slow down deforestation, we believe that it is necessary to value the environmental heritage of forests and their ecosystem services. By promoting economic activities which are socially integrated and which increase the local income, a sustainable use of forest resources becomes possible. In large scale reforestation of native species we see a viable opportunity/alternative to create/promote an important medium to long-term economic development for the Amazon territory, while preserving the forestry cover and natural resources for coming generations.

Required investment: 
11 033 000 USD
Project type: 
Plantation forestry
Carbon and ecosystem services
Investment period: 
12 Years
Capital item: 

Investments will be used to buy the titled land and to establish and manage the native forest plantations.

In detail, the investors pays for:

  • the services of purchasing the lands (These are lands that are privately owned and registered by the government to be used for agricultural and/or cattle raising uses), including all the legal process leading to the signature of the deed of sale and the inscription of the property in the Peruvian Public Records (reviewable by internet) in the name of the new owner.
  • The buying of the lands. The amount corresponding to the purchase is payed only once that all the official documents and property tittles are established at the investors' name. The Peruvian law allows foreigners to buy lands ; a one-day administrative procedure is required in Lima to firm a document called "License to firm contract". A trip to Peru is so mandatory at the same of signing the property tittles.
  • The sowing and maintaining of the forest plantations up to the state of maturity that allows cutting and selling the timber. The service can also include the selling of the timber for the investor.

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Publishing date: 
25. Nov. 2015