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Project statement: 

Since 2010, we have been operating in Togo, and have already reforested an area of 1,000 hectares (close to 2,500 acres). Owing to the project success, the Togolese government asked for an expansion of the project. The combination of environmental protection, regional development work, and a profitable investment has made this a special project.

Revenues are generated with a sustainable timber industry on 14,000 hectares (approx. 35,000 acres) and the sale of CO2 certificates. Moreover, the project is very suitable for its involvement in the CSR activities, as an example for a climate-compliant economic activity to be communicated towards employees and customers.

For this climate protection and reforesting project, we are looking for an investor interested in a long-term sustainable, topical, and profitable investment in a future-oriented environment project. A consortium of several investors is also an option.

Our company was founded in January 2008, and its vision was to create awareness for sustainability in organisations and to provide support and guidance on their way towards sustainable management.

Required investment: 
5 600 000 USD
Project type: 
Plantation forestry
Carbon and ecosystem services
Investment period: 
15 Years
Capital item: 

The investment is particularly needed during the first three years, for setting up, servicing, and operating machinery, and for purchasing the seeds for the first planting. The further use of funds includes social projects as well as the human resources working in Togo and Germany. The land will be made available in return for social programmes for a period of 50 years.  This has already been contractually guaranteed.

If desired, the investor will be involved in the selection of trees and the sale of timber. He may even purchase the entire wood directly and use or resell it on his own. Instead of (or in addition to) our teak component, also eucalyptus is an option, for example.

A unique investment opportunity, the project demonstrates that climate protection and development work with commercial interests can be reconciled. In combination with the local people, the investments generate a maximum level of empowerment and ecological resilience. This results in authentic partnerships established between investors and economic areas. Therefore, the model is spread and promoted worldwide as an exemplary and commendable development and sustainability project.

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