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Project statement: 

It´s widely accepted that the world needs wood from sustainable sources for the next years, and more, sustainable and natural fruits will be demanded too, as well as natural environments for recreation.

This is a unique project that use a mix of native species in order to produce precious timber for local and export markets, native fruits and as a reserve of fuel (fuel wood) or high quality native wood. At the same time the carbon is sequestred. Utilizing native species, in suitable sites, will provide work for within a low developed region (Northeast region). We also grow and produce native fruits for local and abroad markets with an added value. The native fruits are used for juice, marmalades, cakes, confectionery, wine, medicine, etc..

The high landscape value will provide therapeutic features for people from everywhere. We include a forest park and use if for education purposes and not only for income generation. The project carefully balances long term and short term products, commodity and niche market products, as well as high value products . This makes the project unique.

As forest professionals we want to develop sustainable projects with high value for next generations.

Required investment: 
5 300 000 USD
Project type: 
Plantation forestry
Non-timber forest products
Investment period: 
20 Years
Capital item: 

We want to invest in land purchase, plantation establishment and maintenance including pruning, thinning, harvesting, etc.

At the stage of commercial thinning and harvesting we want to invest in mobile sawmill and firewood facilities. 

For native fruits production we also include capital for processing facilities, in order to add value.

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