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We are looking for a dedicated investor, well informed in the world of carbon forestry projects. Not for knowledge, but for transparency and clarity, during the 8 months period this project Social Carbon project.

The finances needed can be paid back very quickly. The investment period is six or most eight months, only. Money is meant to reach project's certification by an already elected carbon certification body. Through ex-ante mechanism, the investment can be paid back, or debt can be swapped against carbon credits; long term collaboration is always an option though.

The investment is not for tree planting, but for getting ready all people and paperwork, inventory of landscape etc, including certification fees. Tree planting will be financed by a part of ex-ante credit swap.

Over time, the ex-ante sales can be stopped and ex-post can take over. Here, surplus money will finance micro credits in the communities; through the project´s Social Development Bank.

The people, the plan and the regulations fit in perfectly: Local people want to restore their nature; lost to last-frontier farmers, the past decades. This small financial injection could be the start of large scale reforestation in the area, of all sorts: natural regeneration, plantations or avoided deforestation. Surrounding communities have already expressed their firm interest in copying this project's mechanism.

The project has been developed two Dutch citizens, with experience in forestry carbon on one side, and long time commitment to coastal tribes on the other side. Our motivation is our friendship with the local people and the terrible environmental downfall we have witnessed the past decades.

Required investment: 
69 000 USD
Project type: 
Plantation forestry
Carbon and ecosystem services
Investment period: 
1 Years
Capital item: 

The investment is needed to reach carbon forestry certification for the local Social Development Bank. Work to be done to realise this carbon certification, is mostly consisting of doing workshops, brain storming sessions, overall informing about forests and carbon markets and multi-level meetings with local community, their leaders, national government and other stakeholders. Time estimation is about six months to meet governmental and tribal approval.

Then, landscape inventory (by satellite analyses and ground sampling) is needed. Together with the preparation of certification documents we estimate to need two months.

Additional costs to consider are: fees, certification cost and telecommunication.

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03. Sep. 2012