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Which projects can be presented at the marketplace?

The marketplace addresses triple bottom line forestry and agro-forestry projects which capture an expanded spectrum of economic, ecological, and social values and criteria. By “ecological forest management” we understand a management that goes along with an inter-generational preservation of the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of forests, as defined by the Constant Natural Capital Rule (Ott and Döring, 2004). The degree of naturalness (hemeroby) should not be reduced and the biodiversity and ecosystem functions should not be disturbed. Forest products such as timber, resin, cocoa and honey should be processed and commercialized locally as part of an integrated environmental preservation. High social standards require that forest projects have to be integrated into the existing cultural structures and share benefits with local communities. The respect of human rights, physical integrity and equality are basic requirements. Furthermore, we are committed to an open corporate culture, advanced education and freedom of expression and personal development. All projects shall comply with:

  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations
  • The Standards of the International Labour Organization
  • Forestry Standards like the FSC Principles and Criteria for Forest Stewardship

How to get an overview about the project criteria and the necessary content?

Please view example project.

Which information shall not be published in the project presentation?

The project description shall not contain information that allows to identify the project. The investment provider is obliged to fully anonymize his investment offer. Data such as names, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, e-mail addresses and information that lead to the identification of the project and/or of the user shall be entered exclusively in the fields reserved for this purpose.

Who has access to the marketplace and can submit a project?

Every successful registered user (project provider) has access to the marketplace and can submit a forest project description for review.

How long will the registration process take?

The registration process can take up to 10 days.

Why has my registration not been accepted?

If we can not identify the user, or if we can not approve a sound track record, a registration can be rejected. 

Will all submitted projects be published?

No. OpenForests will check all submitted project descriptions for their quality. A project will be published, if a high quality can be achieved. If not, the project remains in the draft mode and is not visible for the investors.

How long will it take to publish my project?

After the project description is finalized, you can submit your project for approval. The publishing date depends on the number of incoming projects and the revision cycle. 

Who can see my project presentation?

Your project presentation can be viewed by registered investors and by yourself. Other project providers and not registered visitor can only see the publicly visible fields. In the project submission form, it is indicated which fields are publicly visible.

Can a project provider list more than one project?


How often can I update a project presentation?

As long as the project is still in draft mode and has not been published you can update your project without limitations. 

Can I update my project presentation after it is approved and published?

Yes. Once your project has been published and you want to update it, you have to request editing permission. The respective project will be set into draft mode and you can revise your project. During this time the detailed project description is not accessible for investors and on the marketplace your project shows the information: “Project is under revision, please come back later!”

Can a project provider contact investors or other projects?

No. The project provider can only submit projects and will be contacted by interested investors.

For investors

What kind of investors are addressed by the marketplace?

The platform addresses impact and philanthropic investors looking for responsible investment opportunities in sustainable forestry and agro-forestry. Investors should have experience in the field of forest investments and know about the opportunities and risks. The investments are characterised by a triple bottom line approach that incorporates beside economic also social and environmental values and criterias.

Why has my registration not been accepted?

If we can not identify the user or we can not approve a sound track record, a registration can be rejected.

How to request the contact details of a project?

Logged-in investors will find a button “request contact details” on the project description page.
Press this button and we will forward the respective contact details.

Who has access to the marketplace?

Every successful registered user (investor) has access to the marketplace and can search the published projects and request contact details.

How to search the project database? Sometimes, I get zero search results, what can I do?

The marketplace has a powerful search functionality, allowing users to narrow down their search results by specific criteria. If selected criteria show zero search results, the following message will appear: “There are no projects with the chosen criteria.”. Please try again with a different set of criteria.

Which criteria and description contains a project presentation?

Please view example project.


What does it cost to use the marketplace?

The registration is for free. In the case of a successful project finance, OpenForests has a claim on a commission of 2.5 percent of the total investment as fare as a user invests in an investment offer listed on the forest investment marketplace. Decisive is the date of the contractual formation of the investment. For details please view the General Terms of Contract.

Legal aspects

What is the valid contractual language?

The contractual language is German. As far as the contractual parties use the English version complementary to the German version, the German wording has priority. This also applies in the case, that OpenForests publishes the English version in addition to the German version. For details please view the General Terms of Contract.

Where is the place of jurisdiction?

Should the user act as an entrepreneur within the terms of § 14 BGB (German Civil Code), the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all regulation under this General Terms of Contract and any other contracts under this contractual framework is Bonn, Federal Republic of Germany. For details please view the General Terms of Contract.

Who is responsible for the content of the project presentations?

OpenForests explicitly emphasizes that the content and form of the published investment proposals are not reviewed or verified by OpenForests. Therefore, OpenForests does not assume any responsibility for the factual and technical accuracy, the formal completeness, and/or the actual and legal feasibility of the offered investments. Responsible for the content of project presentation is the project provider. For details please view the General Terms of Contract.

Technical support

I have an additional technical question or noticed a bug, can I call/email someone for support?

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