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Our Agroforestry company aims to conserve, afforest/reforest 600ha of Natural Forest while also trying to find alternative ways to use the dominant tall savannah grass biomass, which covers around 200ha of this land. So far we have seasonally employed around 200 people to help us reforest the land. Since 2009, using the rural method, we have planted 150,000 thousand indigenous trees. All investments to that effect have so far been provided privately from our own funds for the conservation of our home area. At the moment, we are looking for investors who would be interested in funding a feasibility study that will allow us to upscale our project from the current rural method of reforesting and afforesting the land. We believe that the consequent uptake of new methods of forestry, conservation, and alternative energy production methods will not only greatly reduce the rate of deforestation, but reduce the ill effects connected to deforestation, climate change, and desertification.

Our target investors are those that do not require a fast Rate of Return; the philanthropic aspect is important to us because although set up as a business venture, our objective is mainly to preserve and replant the natural forests of the area and create an easily replicable sustainable forestry method. As there are no other forest conservation projects in the area that teach the population the value of their forests, and it is not a charity, but leading by example, we hope to make this particular project a beacon of knowledge and a model that can be replicated not only in Wollega but also in the rest of Ethiopia.

Required investment: 
25 000 USD
Project type: 
Plantation forestry
Investment period: 
1 Years
Capital item: 

A pre-feasibility study to be undertaken by experts the results of which should go into a detailed management plan of a feasible concept, that combines conservation, sustainable timber production and the production of combustibles like bio char or briquettes from savanna grass for cooking to avoid using firewood from the forests.

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Publishing date: 
04. Sep. 2013